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Private but not closed




We select our members. This selection is not based on fitness levels, skill levels, popularity, race, idiology or social status. The selection is solely based on the ability of the individual to adapt to our training philosophy. First book and attend a free trial, then get invited back to join. Straight-forward.



Train as much as you want. With this membership you can attend all 11 sessions per week.



    This membership allows you to train during one session per week. You can choose any session in the week, with each new week starting on Monday.


    R450 / 1 hour session

    This provides you with one-on-one training with a Truekrav Instructor. If you wish to train with friends, the prices are as follows:

    • 2 people – R250 / person / 1 hour session
    • 3 or more people – R200 / person / 1 hour session

    Online Membership

    Course Specific

    Truekrav Online has online courses that we have created. The courses we offer are continuously growing. From foundational courses focussing on Hand-to-Hand, Gun, Knife, and Theory, to courses specific to a topic – such as Gender Based Violence and Anti-Hijacking.