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Truekrav Membership

Private but not closed

Truekrav Membership is not based on fitness levels, skill levels, popularity, race, ideology or social status. We select our members solely on their ability to adapt to our training philosophy.  Book and attend a free training session, and then we will invite you back to join as a member.


Truekrav Membership

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*Discounts given to multiple family members


1 hour session

Contact for pricing

This provides you with one-on-one training with a Truekrav Instructor. Training in groups of 2 or 3 are also welcome, contact us to discuss pricing.

Virtual Studio Membership

Online Classes

Truekrav Virtual Studio was created to provide students around the world with a window into Truekrav training sessions. Online classes that include training and supplementary knowledge allow Virtual Studio members to train with Truekrav anywhere in the world.